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2016 6CS Conclave Wrap-Up

On Wednesday, January 20, 6CS had a little get-together at the Winking Lizard in Independence. It was good to see everyone as the NPSL off season is excruciatingly long. Thank you to everyone who were able to make it out, the excitement is still buzzing from everything we were able to talk about for 6CS and learn about AFC Cleveland. A special thank you to AFC Cleveland owner, Terry Lawriw, for coming out and sharing so much with us about the upcoming season and future of the team we’ve all come to love so much.

For those who were unable to make it out, as much that can be shared will be in this wrap up. Unfortunately there were some things that were discussed and should not be talked about publicly that will need do be left out. That said, COME TO THE NEXT ONE!

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Week 4: Controversy Abound!

Looking at the NPSL Midwest table our Royals currently sit in 6th place. A weekend full of draws keeps Cleveland in decent position, as we now have a game in hand vs some of the table’s leaders.

Screen shot 2015-06-01 at 5.47.54 PM

With that out of the way lets get into the Royals v Commodores match that was abandoned due to lightning.

AFC Cleveland vs Erie Commodores: 5/30/2015

You can read a recap of the game on the AFC Cleveland site if you want, but we’re assuming that you know the particulars. If not read this.

All caught up? Sweet.

Now on to the CONTROVERSY.

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2015 Home Opener: Tickets & Beers

If you, or anyone you know, love Cleveland, Soccer or Beers… We’ve got some announcements for you!

The AFC Cleveland 2015 regular season home opener is on May 23 at Rocky River High School Stadium vs Erie… kickoff is at 7:00. We are AGAIN offering to provide tickets to this game for ANYONE who wants to come and support AFC Cleveland, the local soccer team… to support Cleveland. No strings. We just want to share this team and atmosphere we love so much with the rest of Cleveland. Let us know how many tickets you need and what name they should be saved under with the form at the end of this post.

But wait… there’s more!

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Be Our Guest May 8th: AFC Cleveland vs AFC Ann Arbor

At long last it is time for 6th City Syndicate to
“Put Up or Shut Up” and we’ve chosen to PUT UP.

Byers FieldWe have always claimed that you only need to come to one game to be hooked… just one. That said, there is a game coming up on the 8th of May. A “friendly” against a new team from Michigan, AFC Ann Arbor, and we want you there. ALL OF YOU. If you’re reading this, you’re invited. Your ticket is on us. Yes, we will give you a ticket to the game. The game is 7:30pm, May 8th at Byers Field in Parma.
(Get Directions)

But that’s not all. Not only will we give you a ticket, but we’ll give you tickets for as many people as you’d like to bring with you. You and a few friends? No problem. You and your entire office, rec league team, regulars at the bar you hang out at, that girl/guy from the gym you’ve got your eye on… EVERYONE. Bring them all! Tickets are on us.

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