2015 Home Opener: Tickets & Beers

If you, or anyone you know, love Cleveland, Soccer or Beers… We’ve got some announcements for you!

The AFC Cleveland 2015 regular season home opener is on May 23 at Rocky River High School Stadium vs Erie… kickoff is at 7:00. We are AGAIN offering to provide tickets to this game for ANYONE who wants to come and support AFC Cleveland, the local soccer team… to support Cleveland. No strings. We just want to share this team and atmosphere we love so much with the rest of Cleveland. Let us know how many tickets you need and what name they should be saved under with the form at the end of this post.

But wait… there’s more!

patio-1This season pregame festivities will be at Herb’s Tavern! Great bar, great food, great patio… seriously it’s like Tony the Tiger great. Herb’s is at 19925 Detroit Rd, less than a half mile from the stadium. (directions) They have the HerbBurger… get it. They have other stuff too, but get the HerbBurger (menu).

But wait… there’s more!

2984715_origScreen shot 2015-05-05 at 11.05.57 AMFor the home opener AFC Cleveland Premium Sponsor, Rocky River Urgent Care has purchased a keg for the pregame festivities! The keg will be tapped and available on the patio at Herb’s at 4:30pm before the game. Parking at Herb’s is limited, but thankfully Rocky River Urgent Care is right next door and has offered for us to use their lot too! Come and have a drink with us and you can pick up your tickets there too! We’ll be the ones with the drums.

But wait… there’s more!

We will all march together from the pregame at Herb’s to Rocky River High School Stadium. So, park your cars at Rocky River Urgent care next to Herb’s, stop in and have some drinks before marching to the game and watch your hometown team, AFC Cleveland, take it to Erie! It costs you nothing… except your voice. We fully expect you to lose that cheering for our Royals!




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